Guillermo is the founder of Firenzes Gelato. He was raised in a family farm in Northern Peru where he developed a passion for nature and Superfoods. After studying agriculture and graduating in agribusiness he worked in fruit production, processing and trade with extensive involvement in rural development and technical assistance to local farmers. He traveled all over Peru along the Pacific Coast, the Andes Valleys and the Amazon Rainforest.


His passion for nature and for healthy, nutritious foods motivated him to create Firenzes Gelato, a wonderful frozen desert that uncovers the values of raw, wholesome, and ancient Superfoods in a precious scoop to delight those that discover this product!

After importing some ingredients and Superfruits from the Andes / Amazon and also sourcing from the best local farmers and suppliers, the Gelato bases are produced and treated in a heat-and-cold process. Fruits, herbs, nuts and other flavors are carefully selected (e.g., ripeness) for an accurate formulation of each specific batch recipe, considering sweeteners, solids, fat and water content, natural emulsifiers and stabilizers. At this stage, we ensure that the perfect taste and texture is obtained.

We craft our Artisanal Gelato in small batches with natural Superfoods for you to enjoy from farm to scoop.

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